Cookie Policy
All of this purchase terms & conditions was updated on Dec , 19th of 2019.

Cookie Policy

Our primary concern is protecting your data and privacy to ensure you have the best experience while you’re on Harmonica and after you find your relationship and leave the app.

It’s important for us that you understand exactly the information you share with us is being used. So please make sure to review our Privacy Policy here.

We also want to offer you a rundown on what cookies are and how Harmonica might use them.


Cookies are small files stored onto your device based on sites or apps you access. They typically contain information about the source of the cookie, and if or when the cookie will expire. Cookies may also have information about your device, user settings, browsing history or activity.

These are specific for web browsers, and since Harmonica is a mobile-web app there are a few limited use-cases for cookies on Harmonica:

  1. When you visit our help center, you are redirected from the app to our Harmonica Support Center
  2. When you visit through a web browser (like Safari or Chrome)

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